About Us

Rebu(rəˈbyo͞o) is an online rating based,information exchange platform developed by a franchisee and his team to simply:

  • Help franchisors sell more of their franchises.
  • Help more franchisees looking to buy a franchise, gain more valuable information about that franchise before purchase.

With the use of the rating system both sides will benefit equally, creating a win-win exchange from the beginning.

There is a need for more information to be available, to help both sides find the right fit when considering franchising. Rebu was born to fill this great industry need.

The Franchise Industry is asking for a rating system to help franchisors and franchisees take the industry to the next level, together.Rebu is the answer to this request

The Franchise Industry, with so much potential for helping everyone achieve the “American/Global Dream of owning their own businesses”, will benefit from this service by opening-up more opportunities for new and existing franchise business owners in the future!

If you have any ideas or recommendations to make www.Rebu.online more helpful to you, please contact us at any time at team@Rebu.online, so that we can use your feedback to make this platformmore valuable to all who visit.

Thank you,
The Rebu Team